Cutting edge overlay application, giving a flawless finish that lasts for up to 2 weeks and beyond, protecting from breakage and encouraging natural nail growth from beneath. It is recommended to fill re-growth of all nail enhancements every 2 weeks to restore to perfection.



Acrylic Full Set  $45

Acrylic Refill  $25

Hard Gel Full Set  $50

Hard Gel Refill  $30



Acrylic Full Set  $55

Acrylic Refill  $30

Hard Gel Full Set  $60

Hard Gel Refill  $50 

2 Toes Acrylic  $25

2 Toes Acrylic Refill  $20

2 Toes Hard Gel  $30

2 Toes Hard Gel Refill  $25


Pink & White                $10

Prizma Acrylic              $10

Shaping**                     $10-15

Re-Shape                      $15

Nail Repair                    $5-7

Cut Down                      $10       

Sculpting                       $20

Gel Topcoat                   $5

Matte Gel Topcoat        $5

Gel Polish                     $10

Re-Varnish Nails         $10

Mermaid Effect            $15

Nail Art**                      $2+

Encapsulated Nail*      $8     

Junk Nail*                      $15

3D Nail Art                     $5

½ Bling Nail*                 $10

Full Bling Nail*             $15

Chrome                          $20

*Includes 2 nails


**Shapes: Ballerina, Coffin, Lipstick, Round, Oval, Almond, Stiletto


**Nail Art: Designs, Stamping, Glitter, Decals, Caviar, Ombre, Stencils, Foil, Flowers, Fimo, Shells,                     Striping, 



                  Acrylic/Hard Gel Erase and Rewind        $15              

Enhancement soak off and natural nail buff and finished off with a clear coat.


         Acrylic/Hard Gel Erase and Re-Varnish      $25            

Enhancement soak off, natural nail buff and finished off with polish.



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