At the age of 17 there was no denying my absolute passion for beauty and all things fabulous! I taught myself the art of acrylic nails and spent time at a local salon picking up on skills because of my sheer passion for the art of beautification. Since then, owning my own establishment has been my dream. 

I am now the proud owner of CeeJay's Beauty Bar; a private, chic, home based salon offering nails, makeup, waxing services and much more. I also realized there was a need a bigger variety of beauty and nail supplies on the island so from that, Retail By CeeJ was born.

From my love of beauty, grew a love of fashion. I especially have an obsession with accessories and often receive inquiries and compliments. So I decided to take my love of accessories and fashion, along with my compulsive shopping habit, and birthed my new venture, Glitzz'd By CeeJ.

Rumi says "Let the beauty of what you love be what you do", and I live by that and hope to have the opportunity to share my dream and passion with you.




Ms Csandré J. Wattley

 Owner of CeeJay's Beauty Bar